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November 2005

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June 2002

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Orleans, IN; June 2001, photo by Eric A. Schmelz

August 2001: Illinois

Chicago: Living Dinosaurs. Chicago's famous Brighton Park Junction continues to soldier on, seemingly immune to the past 90 years of advances in signaling technology. This installation represents the last great hold-out of mechanical semaphores in the United States. Not far away, Northwestern Station harbors the last remaining signal bridges with operable semaphores. This final stand of C&NW Ry GRS 2A semaphores appears to face eminent removal with new signal bridges standing by (see news report by Arthur Gross).

July 2001, photo by Eric A. Schmelz

August 2001: Semaphore News

The end is near for former C&NW Ry signal bridge semaphores.

March 1995, photo by T. Kraemer

Is that a recent photograph (above)? YOU BET! Railroad semaphores have been in decline since 1923, but they "ain't dead yet"!

Welcome to Semaphores.com

Our mission is provide up-to-date information on the location of the remaining semaphores operating in North America. This site is dedicated to those who enjoy watching, photographing, or preserving our signaling heritage. Unlike the E-9's in this photograph, historic signals, towers, and other structures inherently lack convenient mobility. To our delight, engines like these E-9's grace the rails during special occasions; however, other contemporary components of their physical plant will never return. This is an unavoidable part of progress; however, the destruction of the remaining symbols of this by-gone era IS avoidable.

Our goal is to make a difference. Through the exchange of information and consequent increased awareness of the remaining resources, we hope to promote both the documentation and preservation of these signals.

Please join us in this goal by sending any information, corrections, or clarifications to: signalman@semaphores.com

This site is maintained by:

Eric Schmelz


Thomas Ohnmeiss


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