For Sale:


Two GRS Co. Model 2A Top of Mast Mechanisms


These mechanisms are from the CSX Indianapolis Subdivision and were

legally acquired from CSX during an auction of surplus signal materials held in

Rushville, IN (7/8/2000). Installation markings on the inside of the mechanisms

denote that they were originally installed at 7878 (Mauzy, IN) and 5232

(Liberty, IN). These signals were re-shopped by the B&O RR for the last time in

1972 and remain in excellent condition (see images below). No further restoration

of the motor, gears, or circuit controllers is needed, however fresh coat of exterior

paint might be in order.


Price: $350 each ($700 pair)


All interested parties should contact:

Kevin Kohls


Buyers should be prepared to arrange transportation in central Ohio.

Shipping of these mechanisms is a task unwanted by the seller.