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G.R.S. type 2A bracket post semaphore

CSX Altenheim Subdivision

Dear Semaphores.com

There is a bracket post semaphore on CSX (B&OCT) on the Altenheim S.D. west 
of downtown Chicago, Illinois.  The location is in the old Sears and Roebuck
Complex west of Ogden Ave Jct. The signal is not really accessible from the street
and, in many other respects, it resides in a difficult area. The semaphore is west
of the old Sears Tower in the vicinity of the old Coke Plant. There was some talk
about doing away with the ABS up there, but I would look for CTC next year if
the Wisconsin Central deal goes through....but then again, maybe it won't.

Special Thanks to D.C. !!! 
To my knowledge all remaining ATSF cantilever semaphores have been removed
(Lewis, KS was the last to go). The GRS 2A bracket posts in Salem, IN and
Indianapolis,IN (State Street Yard) have also been removed.

Thus a complete list of North American semaphore bracket post signals is quite

1)Brighton Park Junction (mechanical)
2)Hallett Tower
3)Altenheim S.D.

Please Contact Semaphores.com if you feel this list is unfairly abbreviated. 

Please send any information, corrections, or clarifications to: railfan@semaphores.com