January 2001 Slide Show - CRISE1.021

Location: Coyote
Signal Type: U.S.&S. Co. style B
State: New Mexico
Date: 9/21/99 (approx. 7:30 AM)
Photographer: Steve Crise
Copyright: © 1999, Steve Crise
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(Image 2 of 3) Last Train: On September 21st, 1999 at roughly 7:30 AM the last train (lead by UP 6250) rolled Eastward through the final active district (Robsart to Coyote) of highspeed mainline lower-quadrant semaphores in the US. Here we see Eastbound UP 3246, passing through Coyote in the middle of deactivation activities. Only those who had the fortune of spending time in this area can understand the tremendous loss that occurred this day. Brad Hellman, one of the few observers present, stated it well " I'm not taking away from all those that remain, but this was the grand show, never will we see anything like it again. It is gone for all time." As a note, the final holdout style B's on the line (signal #s 15172/15171) survived at Indiole , NM until 2/2000.

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