Last Kansas Semaphore -

Location: Sylvia, KS
Signal Type: ATSF: U.S. & S. Co. style T2
State: KS
Date: Morning of June 30th 1999
Photographer: Andrew Klamka
Copyright: © 1999, Andrew Klamka
Directions: Click on thumbnail for full image.
Signal Number 247.1 Just west of Sylvia,KS.

The last semaphore in the state on the ex-ATSF line is standing, ready
to signal any west bound traffic. To the left is the new two headed
colorlight signal that will take over. Yesterday,the BNSF work had
installed the units and covered them. All that remained was to
file the necessary paperwork and remove the semaphore. This
semaphore was originally scheduled to be removed on June 23, but for
unknown reasons, the date was delayed by one week.

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